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Balancing through Chinese Medicine ~ Advanced Thai Massage course

July 27 - August 3

With Andreas Karousos & Betty Papadopoulou

Thai Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine come from different perspectives of Eastern Healing Arts. However, they share a similar philosophy: they both address the natural forces of the person and the self-healing processes…
The idea of this course in Advanced Thai Massage, is to merge the basic principles of Chinese Medicine (CM) with the practice of Thai Massage (TM).
The basic principles of Channel Theory according to CM come to enhance the massage practice through the understanding of the qualities of Qi (energy) and the flow of Qi in the “energy channels” (so-called meridians) running along the body. This merging leads to the enrichment of the TM practice since the practitioner will have the tool to work with all the basic qualities of Qi.
The result of such a work is the balancing of the Qi of the “receiver”.  This way the experience of TM practice for both the “giver” and the “receiver” is changing. For the practitioner, it is the feeling and the awakening of the natural qualities & forces during the treatment, for the receiver is the sense of general balance, through the work on his/her nature.
This will be an especial experience for both who participate in the harmonic movement of Thai Massage.  We will also learn some more “advanced” TM techniques, advance in the sense that they require precision, clear intention and a deeper understanding of the practice and its philosophy. All the above will be accompanied by a lot of Qi Kong, in order to experience Qi and the Elements in our own body, understand their nature and how we can incorporate them in our Thai Massage dance.

5 Phases (Elements), 12 Channel System (Meridians), Vital Organs:
– Explain their functions in all different levels and all different “bodies”
– Physiology
– Energy movement
– Connections
– Contribution to the whole mind-body-spirit system
– Energetics that rule their function
– Basic Nutrition rules
– Massaging the vital Organs and their corresponding Meridians
– A variety of body “touching” techniques and their connection with the Elements
– Advanced Thai Massage
Yin & Spiritual Medicine: chi kong, yin yoga, work in couples, practices of self-growth, practices that will help us dive deeper into the real meaning of accompanying and facilitating another.

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About Andreas:
Andreas was born in Athens in 1969. His 1st degree after the high school was completed in Physics at the University of Athens. This study gave him the opportunity to understand basic principles of nature and perceive holisticity. This worked towards the direction of his present occupation and other choices in his life.
After several years of working in telecoms and teaching physics, he quit those jobs to focus on holistic therapeutic and healing arts. What he gradually studied and was instructed since 2008, were: Thai Yoga Massage, Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine (mainly acupuncture, moxibustion, cups, herbs), Spine therapy, Oil massage, Reiki, horse acupuncture and massage, Hypnosis, Qigong & Tai Chi. Today, he is giving healing & wellness treatments mostly with Acupuncture and Thai Massage, integrating all the methods and techniques he already knows.
He was teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Yoga Massage at the “Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine” in Greece, during the period of 2012-2017. Now he is organizing at his private practice office, seminars on the fields of Chinese Medicine and Thai Massage. Self-development and continuing education are the main aspects of his life.
He loves sports, horse riding, martial arts and …. exploring ..!!

About Betty:
Betty was born in Greece in 1970. She was a high school teacher for 12 years, teaching finance and social science. She first started practicing Tai Chi in 2001. Her teacher introduced her also to the “art of touch” and to Thai Massage. She attended her first full Thai Yoga Massage Beginners course in 2008 and continued her practice and research through a high number of Thai Yoga Massage, Ostethai, Chi Nei Tsang and CranioSacral Therapy courses and trainings throughout the world. Since then she is also doing long personal research about Therapy and Wholeness, the understanding of therapy as a holistic approach that involves arts, spirit, body, and all the different “bodies” of a human being. She has been assisting her teacher Takis Oikonomou for many years in Greece and around the world. She teaches the basic Thai Massage course, “Thai Massage, Yin and Spiritual Medicine.” Since 2008 she is practicing Vipassana Meditation. She started practicing Hatha Kriya Yoga in 2004 and since then has been attending numerous seminars and training courses all over the world.  At 2011 she did her TTC at Yin Yoga with her teacher and friend Biff MIthoefer, and since 2013 they are working together for his TTC’s in Greece. Betty is teaching the Module 1 Yin Yoga TTC “The sacred ceremony.” She has practiced contemporary dance for six years, continues her research in life through Dance Therapy Schools, “Gestalt Institute of San Francisco,” “End of Life Care.” She has worked with Indignant people at Canada B.C. Uganda and Burundi. Betty uses her drum, guitar, and voice to connect with the clear rhythm of the heart.

Daily Program (approximately):
7.00 – 8.30 meditation, yoga or chi kong
9.30 – 12.30 Class
lunch, siesta, excursions
16.30 – 19.30 Class
Late evening class: yin yoga&kirtan or chi kong


Egira, Ahaia 25010 Greece