About the Agrogarden

We like to think of our land as a Garden. The peace and harmony of a fruitful Garden with the colors, the scents, the sounds, the yield, the taste, the waters running through...


We like to think, that this will be our Garden of Eden, or as we have been recently introduced to by permaculture, an Edible Forest Garden.

City people as we have been when we first laid our eyes on our land, we didn't even know the names and species of the trees that were already living in it. With time and seminars (biodynamic, homeodynamic, permaculture etc) we reconnected with our roots and memories we all carry inside us, about the treasures of Gaia, the fruits, the veggies, the herbs, the weeds, the soil, the warms, the seasons, the fresh air!!!

Even with our limited knowledge on agriculture, it was so easy from the first year to start growing our own food. Our food quality was enormously elevated and together with the fresh air we managed to heal the "wounds" in our body and soul, we were carrying from our previous stressfull and deadend life.

In our Garden we already grow a variety of fruit trees. Old pear and cherry trees were already established and being in a bad condition we made our mission to try and rejuvenate them. Additionally we planted new trees with the aim to grow anything that can live in 750 metres height. After we've been introduced to Permaculture, we were actually introduced to the principles of a Permaculture design that would support self sufficiency, energy saving, and could possible lead to growing a Food Forest! How cool is THAT! 

At its essence a Forest Garden has several layers as does a natural forest. It contains a top layer of trees, a middle level of shrubs, and a ground level of herbs, vegetables and flowers. Each plant is chosen for the roles that it will play whether for food, wildlife habitat, soil building and fertility improvement and much more. We are exactly at this stage of creating new layers.

Working with nature and integrating all these elements in our Garden will simply lead to a smoothly working whole which is healthy, sustainable and healing!