About The Hangout Hub


As Food is very important to us, and in our small village we have to take care of our own food everyday, a kitchen was absolutely crucial.

So before we even finished our home we first placed a Kitchen in the middle of our farm. The cement block house that existed before us, was transformed to a cozy dining area and a place to hang out or get informed of what's going on at Re-Green. 

A 70 m2 little stone house today, with a fully equiped Kitchen facilities for tastefull experiments of traditional Greek cuisine to raw food classes and from ethnic meals to therapeutic food healing courses inspired by the quotes of wisdom of our Grand teacher Hippocrates that says "Let food be your medicine!"

Kapelion is not opperating as a classic tavern, it doesnt have a menu as we only eat seasonal things from our garden, and if you happen to pass by and we are around help yourself in. Herbs tea or a soup is always prepared or maybe it can be you who could cook something for us !