Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning by Robin Clayfield

Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning by Robin Clayfield

4 - 10 August, 2017

dynamic group

A Social Permaculture Approach to Education, Leadership and Group Facilitation 

Re-Green Ecoculture Center is delighted to welcome Robin Clayfield to run her highly-acclaimed ''Dynamic Groups' course this August.

Robin's early work in applying Permaculture Principles to education in the late 80s and early 90s, was ground breaking and influenced many of the world's Permaculture teachers, as well as introducing the practice of Creative Facilitation and Interactive Learning Methods globally to the movement. 
The course is a professional development training and cutting edgelearning methodology to gain more skills, confidence and processes that inspire, inform and create success in all our groups and learning environments. In Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning, the jigsaw puzzle of groups learning and working together becomes an adventure in Creative Facilitation, Interactive Learning Methods, Personal Empowerment, Confidence Building, Workshop Planning and Skills Development. The course supports people to facilitate, teach, train or present any topic or subject or lead a meeting or group in a way that engages people, is motivating, fun and memorable and where everyone in the group has input and consequently is empowered by the experience. If you are willing to look past the expert, dominant and hierarchical process called teaching, to a more interactive, participatory process of encouraging learning, this is the course for you; be part of the new learning revolution and go home with a tool box of processes in order to support your own groups. 

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Tai Chi & Nature Immersion

Tai Chi & Nature Immersion with Themis Vlachos

11 - 17 September, 2017

themis immersionfinal

Tai Chi is walking meditation and cultivation of internal energy. Both a martial art and a self healing one at the same time, Tai Chi is a way to connect and cooperate with nature and the universe, a way to become a warrior of life.
A beautiful art, full of grace and health benefits, but a martial one never the less, Tai Chi can teach us a way to live our lives. The never ending motion, the slow process, the grounding, the natural deep breathing, the focus, the meditation are only some of the aspects of the art. Considering that it is based on the observation of natures' way, one can only assume that Tai Chi can offer us a path back to mother Earth and further more back to our selves. Together with the undoubtable health benefits for body and soul, the self discipline and the warrior spirit but most importantly the cultivation of Chi energy, life force its self, Tai Chi can become, led by our will, a powerful tool for learning ourselves and improving our lives.

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Natures Renewal Retreat

Natures Renewal Retreat - Long weekend!

with Amber Buckley & Themis Vlachos

28th April - 1st May

natures renewalc

On the long weekend and the first of May, we are happily offering our retreat at Re-Green Permaculture Farm ~ for the second time! Nature is in full abundance, completely renewed by the sun with flowers, herbs, bees and butterflies. The weather is warm and it is time to celebrate and practice! This weekend offers the opportunity to submerse into nature and oneself. To breath, hear and see all the elements around us and how connected we really are to them. To give some time to yourself and consciously rejuvenate and renew with ancient practices of Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation and release techniques. To learn from Mother Nature ! A practice of mindfulness, of what is happening directly in nature, how it evolves and grows. Feeling life in the body without judgement is a practice, allowing it to expand and grow without fear is a practice, celebrating our very purpose and existence is a practice.

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Re-Green Wild Camp 11-14 May, 2017

Re-Green Wild Camp with Casparo Brownbeard

11-14 May 2017

wild camp artwork

Come and join us for a retreat in a wild place next to a river in the beautiful mountains of the Peloponnese overlooking the Bay of Corinth. Together we will explore how to live in the wilderness. We will work together as a group , live simply and sleep under the stars. You will learn practical bushcraft skills as well as have time to explore on a deeper level what this wild place is , both in relation to ourselves and to others.We will live off a simple diet ,forage what we can ,collect and carry our water and firewood and sleep under earth shelters. At night we will sit around the fire and discuss deeper themes around our relationship to wilderness . What is nature and what does it mean for us?

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She Who Rises with Ymani Simmons

She Who Rises with Ymani Simmons

26 - 28 May, 2017

ymani retreat

From the Ashes of Life’s Challenges Rise the Spirits of Women Renewed
Journey into the Darkness of the New Moon to 
- Rebirth your Commitments 
- Recharge your Spirit 
- Renew your Passion 
(Teachings of the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership will be woven into the content of the workshop)

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