Balsam - Hipericum May 2013

Αναζητώντας το Βάλσαμο στη Γη, στο Σώμα, στη Ψυχή!

Στις 24 με 26 Μαϊου, με το καλοκαιράκι να απέχει μόνο μια βδομάδα μακριά, η Re-Green προσκαλεί το «ΒΑΛΣΑΜΟ» και τη Μαρία Σκαρλή με σκοπό να μοιραστεί μαζί μας, πολύτιμες συμβουλές και γνώσεις μέσα από την μακρόχρονη μελέτη των βοτάνων και της φυσικής θεραπευτικής!

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Natural Living - July 2013

"Natural Living”
held on the 12th to 21st of July 2013
Led by the founders of Windarra Farm / TerraSoul Community Auroville

Natural Living is a way of finding ourselves in relation to the earth, ourselves and other beings.


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11 Day Certified PDC June 2013

"Full Permaculture Design Course"
held on the 27th June to 8th July 2013
Led by Dr. Rod Everett assisted by Mill Millichap and Marios Dessyllas

“The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.” Make it now. Bill Mollison
"Love the responsibility. Say, It is my own duty to save the Earth. If not saved, it is my fault" Nikos Kazatzakis Greek writer, philosopher & poet

The course shows the way to live a mindful life, following a design system that integrates all components of the ecosystem in a holistic approach to sustainable living and practice!

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PDC 7-18 June 2012, Seliana

11 Day Permaculture Course

Seliana Ahaia Greece

7th – 18th June 2012

Led by Dr. Rod Everett assisted by Marios Dessyllas and Mill Millichap 


  • The course will result in a full Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)
  • 80 Hours of Tuition will be held in English language with specialist terminology translation offered in Greek

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