Natural Living - July 2013

"Natural Living”
held on the 12th to 21st of July 2013
Led by the founders of Windarra Farm / TerraSoul Community Auroville

Natural Living is a way of finding ourselves in relation to the earth, ourselves and other beings.


This is a seven day course where we will talk about a natural way of cultivating the earth, ourselves, the families and the communities where we live.
An opportunity to experience a healthy way of life taking care of body, mind and soul, through talks and sharing circles, work on the field, body practices and therapies, music and dance.
Inspired by natural ways of farming and community life experiences from Auroville and other parts of the world, Natural Living is willing to bring harmony and happiness to life.

"Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity."

* Course fee is intentionally kept low, 380 Euros, including food (vegetarian), with the intention to allow more people to attend, at this critical financial state of the country and of our lives

* Accommodation:
- Free Camping (your own equipment)
- Guest House Accommodation (Shared Room) 100 Euros per person

* Location:
- Beautiful scenic location in mountain village in a developing Permaculture Demonstration Site and Ecoculture Center, 160 Km from Athens in the Northern Peloponnese
- Nearest Train Station Kiato of Proastiakos (Possible Lift arrangements from station to follow)

* For information and bookings:
- Flery @ +306948407233

* Limited space available, please book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment

Course Will Approach the Following Topics:

1 Human evolution

  • What is our role in this Planet? Where do we stand as a specie? What is our relationship with the environment and with the others? What is our vision? We will use Deep Ecology as a tool to approach this questions.

2 Natural Farming,based in Fukuoka:

  •  principles and philosophies
  • methods and Technics
  • practical aspects:crop rotation,starting up a field from scratch,improving de soil, inter crops and poli cultures of fruits ,vegetables and other plants,trees

3 Community development based in Auroville experiment

  • What is community?Why living in community? Everywhere and everything is community. How to be sustainable?(food processing)From the local to the global vision.
  • How to improve your life:
  • Peaceful communication(language of the heart)
  • Awareness trough the body(how to know you body and to improve the energy,through exercise,dance,capoeira,etc)
  • Music exploration(sound is the new medicine of the 21st century,we are all musicians ,how to play with it and make it part of our daily life,sound healing,drum circles,sacred chanting,etc)
  • Healing and therapies(some therapies will be offer included in the course: Tai yoga massage,watsu(water massage),lomilomi(oil mesage)

Time table:

7-8 Yoga
8-9 Breakfast
9-11 Natural farming
11-12.30 Human evolution. Open discussions with diferent topics in a circle and some Deep Ecology exercises
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.30 Rest
2.30-4 Community skills(Peaceful communication exercises,presentation of Auroville and questions and answers about real experiments)
4-6 Natural farming
6-7 Dance,capoeira and movement
7-8 Dinner
8-10 Music sessions and healing circles