Fasting Detox Retreat Sept. 2014

Fasting Detox Retreat with Krishnataki

15-21 September 2014


This 6 day immersion will lead us through an intense cleansing and purification process. Combining the dynamic morning flow with an afternoon Taoist practice, we will enjoy both physical, emotional and spiritual release and openings. As well as asana, prananyama, dance, meditation and bhakti we will also follow a holistic yogic-life approach with the food - being vegan and with plenty of juices. Choosing the path of yoga is not about bending your body into different positions, it is about a life choice for optimum health and positivity. Detox is about cleansing the mind as well as the body it is housed in. Evenings will be using music, sound and voice therapy as tools for a deeper journey of connection, devotion and healing.

We will also see examples inspired by the principles of Permaculture, Natural farming and Natural Building followed by Re-Green and will have the opportunity to talk about our presence and coexistence with nature's laws for a life of sustainability and independence so that we can celebrate, in a unique festival, that we live in paradise on ╬ťother Earth!

Location: Re-Green EcoCulture Center, Beautiful scenic location 160 km from Athens in a mountain village. A developing Permaculture Demonstration Site, surrounded by lush and highly biodiverse nature, at North Peloponnese.
Accommodation :
1. Camping (own equipment)
2. At Re-green's traditional 250 years old stone built guesthouse in shared rooms( 6 nights , limited beds)
Travelling to Re-Green
a. Intercity (KTEL) bus from Kifissos bound for Akrata.
b. Nearest Train Station : Suburban Train to Kiato. Bus correspondence to Akrata.

Information - Reservations
Flery @ +306948407233