Bush-craft June 2015 en

What is the Wild?”
An exploration into Bushcraft skills, Nature Awareness and Deep Ecology

12 - 14 June 2015 with Bushman Casparo Brown

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The experience of living within wild nature can be very nourishing and enriching but can also demand that we radically re-orientate our sense of who and what we are. Maybe that is exactly why we come to spend time there. It challenges us, it shakes things up but it also allows us to step out of a time and a rhythm dictated by modern 'civilized' society.

Bushcraft and Nature Based Practice involves supporting participants to spend time out in the wilds connecting with the teachings nature offers. By spending time in nature and exploring and learning through direct experience, what it is we as human beings really need to survive and how to find those things, we develop a sense of awe and reverence for our environment. At the same time it allows us to really explore what it means to be a human being. 
Connection with wild nature is an important aid to developing an ecological sensibility and sense of connection with the web of life. This can support action towards a sustainable and regenerative future for all.

What is Deep ecology?
Deep Ecology offers a view of life which does not separate humans out from the natural environment, recognizing the world as a network of phenomena that are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent. Drawing on systems theory and the life sciences, Deep Ecology recognizes the intrinsic value of all living beings and views humans as one of many strands in the web of life.
Ultimately, deep ecological awareness implies a spiritual or religious awareness. It encourages a shift in consciousness from an alienating sense of separateness, to one of belonging, of connectedness, to the natural ecosystems on which we depend. To support this shift it often incorporates experiential approaches such as Bushcraft and nature-based learning.

On this course we will:
- Participate in practical and experiential methods to support a deepening nature connection
-Learn survival priorities, how to make fire with a bow or hand drill, How to find and purify water, how to create shelter and where to find food.
-Learn core routine exercises that can be used to develop and strenghten the bond with nature.

The study based aspect exploring deep ecology will provide a clear and structured framework for exploring our views and intellectual understanding of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

We will:
-Explore the key ideas of Deep ecology
-Gain a deeper appreciation of the practical, theoretical, and spiritual roots of a sustainable , regenerative and life affirming future.

Cost of full weekend: 150 euros - Includes all food and drinks.

caspar smCaspar, who will lead the workshop, is an activist, teacher, musician and storyteller and a co-founder of the Wild Nature project, a learning space for deep nature living and the making of human culture. His work is rooted in the teachings of Bushcraft, Nature connection, Permaculture and Deep ecology, working towards the healthy regeneration of Mother earth for future generations.