Natural Living 2015 en

Natural Living 2015.
Dreaming of a Good Life?

13-19 July 2015 with the Yemadas


Dreaming of a Good life?

A life where you wake up in the countryside with the sounds of nature, you dine with the fruits you sow and cultivate, in the land you take care following natural farming methods? You dream to bring your children to a more beautiful and sustainable world? You dream to share your labors with your brothers and live free all together? And all this in an endless musical journey full of sounds, dance, song and joy.

A lot of Joy!

Are you dreaming?

The "Yemadas" come from Portugal to actively show us that the natural life dream is possible and it can be the best choice of your life. They come to open the door to a Good life based on Natural Farming, Music and Joy!

In this seminar we will experience for a week the perfect combination of a Good Life, which holistically cares for the basic needs, for the food of the body, the mind and for the soul, with music, dance, yoga, meditation, cultivation of land and communication.

In this experiential week will see in practice that we can be in harmony with Nature and the Self, experiencing in depth full Joy!


-We will learn how to grow our food on a large scale for self sufficiency and autonomy, with natural farming based Fukuoka's practice
-Enjoy the therapeutic journey of sounds and music
-"Open the voice" learning to sing from the heart
-Play musical instruments, based on Drum circles and Percussion
-Communicate harmoniously, learning communication techniques and practices
-Learn about the principles of creating communities through discussion and analysis of the Experiences of Yemadas and their lives in Auroville and Portugal
-Learn basic massage techniques, as we all hide within us a therapist.
-Activate our body and listen to our inner voice with the daily morning yoga and meditation
-Dance like never before under the stars with the incredible music of Yemadas

Course fee 350 Euros including:

-food (vegetarian with organic and natural farming veggies and fruits)
-therapeutic Temazcal
-free teas and snacks
-swimming in our Natural Swimming Pond
-use of hot tub under the stars
-relax and sleep on mattresses made of natural materials
-dance barefoot in the Maloca, our 100 sq.m octagon natural built hall
and much more!!!


- Camping (your own equipment) 25 Euros
- Traditional stone built 300 years old Guest House (Shared Room) 90 Euros


- Beautiful scenic location in mountain village in a developing Permaculture Demonstration Site, 160 Km from Athens in the Northern Peloponnese
- Public transportation possibilities! Ask us to send you directions

For information and bookings:

- Flery @ +306948407233