11 Day Certified PDC June 2016

Annual Certified 11 Day Permaculture Design Course

PDC2016 640
The course shows the way to live a mindful life, following a design system that integrates all components of the ecosystem in a holistic approach to sustainable living and practice!
 The course will result in a full Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) 

80 hours of Tuition, held in English language 
Course fee is 380 Euros, including food (vegetarian) - the cost is intentionally kept low, however this course will be an exceptionally rewarding experience taught by an experienced and knowledgeable Permaculture teaching team.  This intensive course requires participants' full attendance, therefore even local attendees are expected to stay on site, camping or guest house.  We will experience the building of a strong sense of supportive community in our discovery of a pathway to greater resilience and sustainability.  Please expect also to have fun !!!
* Camping (your own equipment) 20 Euros
* Guest House Accommodation (Shared Room) 100 Euros 
Location:  Beautiful scenic location in mountain village in a developing Permaculture Demonstration Site, 160 Km from Athens in the Northern Peloponnese Public transportaion possibilities:  50 Euro Discount offered to any participant arriving full distance on bicycle (Steep Climb Involved) 
For information and bookings
facebook page Re-Green 
Flery @ +306948407233 or Mill @ +447624480882 

Book on time as space is limited!