Yoga & Ecoliving, Summer Retreat

Yoga & Ecoliving - Summer Retreat

20 - 26 August, 2016

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We offer seasonal retreats that combine the ancient practices of Yoga along with the rediscovered practices of Eco-living, living in harmony with the earth and the season. The Yoga practice will consist of Asana, Meditation and Pranayama in the mornings whilst the afternoons allow a restorative flow to heal and offer introspective. The Ecoliving workshops are designed to teach you practical and useful skills to take home with you and impliment into your daily life. Our dream is to provide everyone with all the tools and gifts that Yoga and Ecoliving have to offer.

We are a group of friends who have years of experience in our fields and have a passion for Yoga, Ecoliving, nature, permaculture and a healthy happy way of life. Our dream is to provide everyone with all the tools and gifts that Yoga and Ecoliving have to offer. We all left big jobs and city life behind to move to the country but you don't have to! We can show you how to have a better connection with your body, life and the world around you.

About the Yoga
Jonni-Lyn Friel will guide the Yoga classes during this retreat. They will be a blend of Jivamukti Yoga, which is a style of Vinyasa yoga mixed in with Yogic philosophy and music in the mornings and a more restorative flow for the afternoon sessions. The level is suited to all people, with beginners welcomed and shown variations to help them feel same and experience all the benefits of Yoga at the same time. Morning classes will be a blend of Pranayama, Meditation and Asana that will wake up your body and connect you the earth and nature around you. The afternoon classes will be a more introspective and healing flow combined with restorative poses, to help you rest deeply and restore completely. We will use the Nature around us for inspiration, mediation in the mountains and salutations to the sun rising on a new day to lift up your soul an connect your body back to the earth. For more information on Jonni-Lyn Friel, please visit her website: Visit -

The Ecoliving workshops in the afternoons are designed to teach you practical and useful skills to take home with you and impliment into your daily life. You will learn how to compost on your balcony, grow herbs for your windows, use herbs for medicinal purposes, make your own tincture/oil and Vegetarian cooking techniques to get the most nutrition and economy out of your food.

All lessons are optional, this time is for you , if you feel like sleeping in, that’s ok! The classes are offered every morning at the set time for those who wish to practice everyday. Every morning at 8am mediation and pranayama followed by Yoga Asana from 8.30 – 10.00am.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner everyday. Throughout the week four special workshops will be offered, with the team ( see Below for Information.) A beach day with open lunch, some nights of sunset meditaion or Yoga Nidra, reasonable free time to explore the surrounding areas and other activities with a chance to hike, swim at the nearby waterfall, visit the nearby village or take time out with the chickens and ducks on the deck by the pond. Accomodation will be in the renovated stone built 250year old traditional guesthouse with private bathrooms . For those of you who may prefer camping,we have a stunning area for tents and bathrooms with showers availible. Please bring your own camping equipment .

Retreat Includes:
6 nights Shared Accommodation or tenting.
3 seasonal vegetarian meals per day- most produce from 
Re-Green! All organic and as much as possible is sourced locally.
All Yoga lessons & Eco living Workshops.
Pick up and drop to Akrata if needed( where the bus will you drop you off from Athens) 

EcoLiving Workshops 

Seeding & Planting - Learn how to productively plant & seed seasonal vegetables and herbs on your balcony or window sill. Companion planting, best growing techniques and garden secrets will make you confident to start your own garden,where ever you live!

Discovering medicinal use of Herbs with Flery.
We will walk through Re-Green with Flery identifying, discussing and collecting different varieties for use within the body and home. The workshop will end with you making your own tincture / oil to bring home with you.

Cooking with the Garden with Thomas
Techniques for vegetarian / vegan dishes. How to make sauces,stocks,pestos, cook seasonally, use marinades, how to use leftovers. This workshop will be hands on and we all sit down to eat the goodies afterwards!

Composting on your Balcony with Christos.
Minimize your waste by learning to compost and and fertilise your plants & garden. Learn how , where and what different types of kitchen watse and how to make a hot compost pile on your balcony.


690€ shared accommodation 
Tent Price 580€ 
***Please contact for Greek National pricing.
To reserve please contact -
Flery - +30 6948407233 or Amber +30 6949122813

Who are we?..

Is a warm, bright and compassionate Yoga Teacher who has been teaching yoga for the last 10 years. She is a certified Jivamukti teacher who has studied and practiced many styles and traditions but finally found her voice through the Jivamukti tradition. Her love of fun ,philosophy ,music and storytelling make her classes uplifting and powerful, while at the same time respecting the needs and abilities of each student present. Originally from Canada, she lived for many years in Athens as a partner in a small Yoga studio. Recently, she left everything behind to move with her husband and small son to move to Re-Green eco-center, where she is the resident Yoga teacher and the baker of banana bread extraordinaire.

Grew up in Athens and got his Bachelor and Masters in computer engineering in the US. After working as an engineer for ten years in the telecommunication field and an International Formula 3 team, he felt the urge to change his city life, move to the countryside and reconnect with nature. Permaculture became his passion with a great interest in Natural Building. His engineering skills were transformed into designing and building houses and shelters using many different techniques, cob structures, natural plasters, rocket stoves, green roofs, wood ovens and anything that could be built with earth and materials that could be found in nature. Living in Re-Green for five years now and experimenting with many different practices, his experience has expanded into natural farming, renewable sources of energy, passive house architecture, water, earth works, composting and all that Pemaculture has to teach. 


Grew up in Athens, studied business administration and worked for over 15 years in marketing outdoor sports events and environmental NGO’s. Having felt like “a caged bird”, she left Athens and co-founded Re-Green with Christos. At the same time she studied ancient greek medicine, traditional chinese medicine, nutrition, mediterranean herbal medicine, apistherapy.  Learnt natural methods of cultivating the land and finally actively lives and enjoys permaculture in everyday life.

Thomas – Resident Chef at Re-Green was a profesional athlete for many years who became vegetarian and discovered that it enhanced his performance. In 2009 he decided to change careers and went to culinary school, studying classical French cuisine and modern techniques. His passion is creating healthy seasonal vege/vegan food form traditional greek recipes combined with international ideas and flavours. 

Chenny & Steven – Liveloula 
Chenny a former Midwife & Steven ex-salesman met each other at a permaculture farm and ever since have been building their gardening through developing their self sufficiency project named Liveloula, along with a flow of helping hands/volunteers. They grow and produce their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, make herbal medicines and tinctures, naturals soaps/ creams, pickles, preserves- chutneys and pickles along with natural building their living enviroment and following bio-dynamic principles.