Re-Green Wild Camp 11-14 May, 2017

Re-Green Wild Camp with Casparo Brownbeard

11-14 May 2017

wild camp artwork

Come and join us for a retreat in a wild place next to a river in the beautiful mountains of the Peloponnese overlooking the Bay of Corinth. Together we will explore how to live in the wilderness. We will work together as a group , live simply and sleep under the stars. You will learn practical bushcraft skills as well as have time to explore on a deeper level what this wild place is , both in relation to ourselves and to others.We will live off a simple diet ,forage what we can ,collect and carry our water and firewood and sleep under earth shelters. At night we will sit around the fire and discuss deeper themes around our relationship to wilderness . What is nature and what does it mean for us?

You will learn some of the following skills

What do you do when you are lost in the Wilderness?
How to build a simple surival shelter
Firemaking (fire by friction)
You will forage and make your own kit to practice with
Water location and purification
Foraging and an exploration on foraging through various seasons
Tracking skills
Bird Language
Expanding awareness techniques
Awareness of our spheres of disturbance and how to reduce it
The art of moving silently
Knife safety and knife whittling skills

This is an introduction to Wilderness skills. As a participant you do not need any previous experience, only a willingness to learn and a love for spending time in Wild places. It is a camp stripped down to absolute basics very much inspired by how indigenous hunter gatherer communities still live to this day. A kit list will be sent out at registration.

Cost: 120€ all inclusive

About your guide - Casparo Brownbeard.
Casparo is an environmental activist, teacher, musician and storyteller and founder of The Wandering Wild School, a learning space for deep nature living and the making of a healthy human culture. His work is rooted in the teachings of Bushcraft, Nature connection, Permaculture and Eco pshycology and strives towards regenerating the earth for future generations ,both Human and animal. He has been facilitating and guiding Wilderness camps for both adults and young people for the last 10 years and also teaches and consults in Permaculture both in Europe and Africa.

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