Natures Renewal Retreat

Natures Renewal Retreat - Long weekend!

with Amber Buckley & Themis Vlachos

28th April - 1st May

natures renewalc

On the long weekend and the first of May, we are happily offering our retreat at Re-Green Permaculture Farm ~ for the second time! Nature is in full abundance, completely renewed by the sun with flowers, herbs, bees and butterflies. The weather is warm and it is time to celebrate and practice! This weekend offers the opportunity to submerse into nature and oneself. To breath, hear and see all the elements around us and how connected we really are to them. To give some time to yourself and consciously rejuvenate and renew with ancient practices of Yoga, Chi Kung, Meditation and release techniques. To learn from Mother Nature ! A practice of mindfulness, of what is happening directly in nature, how it evolves and grows. Feeling life in the body without judgement is a practice, allowing it to expand and grow without fear is a practice, celebrating our very purpose and existence is a practice.

Mornings begin with a 2 hr class of 
Connection ~ Breath Awareness, Movement and Stillness. 
Hatha Yoga with Amber includes Saluting the day with specific asana poses and practical methods to release muscular tension and fatigue. Chi Kung with Themis focuses on energy awareness and cleansing the internal organs. Afternoon lessons include restorative yoga therapy class - relaxation of the nervous system, a cleansing session in the ‘temezcal’ - a natural steamhouse and a rhythm and dance playshop to shake away any leftover winter cobwebs on the body and mind.  
All classes are in the famous Maloca.
**see detailed program below

There will be a small hike to the water ‘source’ of Seliana, where fresh water falls over a magnificent rock wall. Here we explore a group meditation with the vibration of mantra and share a picnic under the ancient Platanos trees.
And we have an extra day….!! To make ‘stefani’ for the first of May, discover permaculture in the garden, and indulge with a pizza party at the outdoor wood fired oven. Whilst we collect flowers and make wreaths we will discuss the healing properties within them and their purpose. Or if you prefer to practice some martial arts on the hill with Themis thats ok too. Families, couples, singles, beginners and experienced practitioners are all welcome, everyone will be challenged and enjoy. The options of activities to do here are endless, the local waterfall is 10 minutes and the new natural swimming pond at Re-Green to sit by or jump in.  

Accomodation is shared in a 250 year old guesthouse with own bathrooms and coco-mat bedding!

A bonus at the end of the day - or during siesta. 

Don’t forget to bring  
Jacket for before and after class
Good Walking shoes
Blanket and yoga mat ( we have some if you don't have) 
Bathers and a towel for temazcal ( steamhouse)

Price - 3 nights / 4 days - 220€ per person

5 Lessons - Yoga/Chi Kung/ Meditation/ Movemment
3 seasonal vegetarian meals per day
Shared Accomodation in the beautiful guesthouse
Hike to source, temezcal
Facilities of Re-Green 

The Program
Friday 28th
Arrive anytime after 14.00
Welcome combined class of Yoga & Chi Kung 
Followed by dinner.

Saturday 29th
Chi Kung - Energy Awakening Class
Hike to Source - meditation and picnic
Free Time
Yoga Restoration Evening Relaxation
Documentary on the big screen

Sunday 30th
Yoga Awakening - Saluting the Day
Breakfast / Free Time
14.30 - Light Lunch
15.30 - Permaculture, natural building and local herb tour
17.00 - Temazcal - natural steamhouse 
18.00 - Rhythm & Dance in the Maloca
20.30 - Dinner

Monday 1st May!
Chi Kung & Meditation
Stefani making, flower / herb discussion, gardening, exploring
Pizza Party and Percussion

About Amber & Themis

Amber is originally from Australia and lives in the Peloponnese, Greece.Moving to the Greek Islands 4 years ago with the instinctual feeling to change her life yoga supported her through this transition and became an even more apparent part of her day from practicing for years in Australia.  
After teaching in Athens for some time she now lives and works in the Permaculture Center – Re-Green, located in the tiny village of Seliana. Welcoming many visitors from around the globe! She teaches daily Yoga Classes/ retreats and is so grateful to integrate this life with her personal life of learning and applying permaculture principles and ethics. Growing/ cooking organic produce, using herbs and vegetables from the garden and maintaining a relationship with nature, which reflects into her practice and teachings. 
She is certified with Yoga Alliance after completing a 350hr (200RYT) Yoga Teacher Training with Swaha Yoga Center - Hatha, Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga, a 40hr teacher training course with David Swenson Ashtanga Primary Series and is currently studying a 500hr Yoga Therapy Program certified with the International Yoga Therapy Association taught by Nancy Candea.  
Offering a diversity of classes from dynamic creative vinyasa lessons through to therapeutic restoration and relaxation awareness practices. 
Pranayama, breathing awareness, meditation, mantra and how to apply the practice into daily life is a strong aspect of her class along with enjoying the present moment and listening/ becoming more mindful of your body. Studying the measures of Yoga through science and esoteric practices are both apparent and as important. Previously working with individuals for injury, depression, chair yoga, seniors and beginners it has given her the opportunity to be able to offer safe variations during the lessons so that the practice is approachable and enjoyable for everyone. 
Continuing to deepen her personal practice, attending various seminars and workshops some of her influences that she has met and attended practices include David Swenson, Michael Stone, Patrick Broome, Todd Tesen and many Jivamukti teachers / classes, She visits Athens throughout the year to offer classes/ workshops and to stay in touch with the Yoga community, friends and students. 

Themis teaches Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Chi Kung and Tao Yin along with Performing Arts (Physical theatre) and Contact Improvisation.
He has been hosting workshops and seminars, teaching Physical theatre, Contact Improvisation, Martial Arts in Theatre and Body Awareness all around Europe (Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Germany, etc), since 1997. He has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Tao Yin for the past three years. At the moment he leaves on the mountains of Ahaia where he hosts retreats and private immersions.

His classes focus on relaxing the body, connecting with the Cosmic Energy (Chi) through breathing and moving meditation, the flow of the movement and the balance of the opposing forces within the body. His many years of experience allow him to individually work with his students, making his classes suitable for everyone.

He started Martial Arts in 2002.
⁃ Saolin Chan Chuan and Eagle Claw Kung Fu (Gray belt) with Sifu Panagiotis Dervendis. (Weapons: DAO sword)
⁃ Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Style), Chi Kung (Saolin,Tai Chi,Wudang) and Tao Yin (advanced student/instructor), with Sifu Andonis Yannoulis. (Weapons: DAO Sword, Staff) 

In 2015 he competed in the Martial Arts Greek Championship and was awarded the bronze medal in Traditional Tai Chi Chuan, category Bare Hands.