Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning by Robin Clayfield

Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning by Robin Clayfield

4 - 10 August, 2017

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A Social Permaculture Approach to Education, Leadership and Group Facilitation 

Re-Green Ecoculture Center is delighted to welcome Robin Clayfield to run her highly-acclaimed ''Dynamic Groups' course this August.

Robin's early work in applying Permaculture Principles to education in the late 80s and early 90s, was ground breaking and influenced many of the world's Permaculture teachers, as well as introducing the practice of Creative Facilitation and Interactive Learning Methods globally to the movement. 
The course is a professional development training and cutting edgelearning methodology to gain more skills, confidence and processes that inspire, inform and create success in all our groups and learning environments. In Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning, the jigsaw puzzle of groups learning and working together becomes an adventure in Creative Facilitation, Interactive Learning Methods, Personal Empowerment, Confidence Building, Workshop Planning and Skills Development. The course supports people to facilitate, teach, train or present any topic or subject or lead a meeting or group in a way that engages people, is motivating, fun and memorable and where everyone in the group has input and consequently is empowered by the experience. If you are willing to look past the expert, dominant and hierarchical process called teaching, to a more interactive, participatory process of encouraging learning, this is the course for you; be part of the new learning revolution and go home with a tool box of processes in order to support your own groups. 

For whom is the workshop
This unique and highly acclaimed 6 day Training is offered for 
- Facilitators and group leaders of any kind
- Educators, trainers, workshop and key note presenters 
- Social change agents, community development workers
- People involved in sustainability like Permaculture, community gardens, Transition Towns initiatives, environmental education 
- Therapists and healers that wants to pass on their skills

The Course will give participants 
- Confidence to be a competent, creative and effective presenter.
- Techniques to fully engage your audience so that everyone loves learning.
- Ability to support people to actually assimilate what you present.
- People involved in sustainability like Permaculture, community gardens, Transition Towns initiatives, environmental education 
- Knowledge of what makes the ultimate learning environment no matter where you are.
- Inspiration to plan your event, course or presentation to achieve the best possible outcomes. Extensive tool box of skills and processes.

Course overview
During the course you will 
Be equipped with the understanding and skills of creative learning and facilitation methods through immersion and practical hands on experiences.
Gain a huge 'toolbox' that will be built and expands throughout the course, full of appropriate and creative processes for group learning and facilitation.
Practice in creative planning methods and resources development that will help you prepare a colorful and full of aliveness group, meeting or course that engages people, is motivating, fun and memorable and where everyone in the group has input and consequently is empowered by the experience .
You will game confidence and creatively be empowered to create and facilitate your own Dynamic Group through putting together all what is important and often essential for effective learning and group work to be successful. 

By the end everyone will have the experience that Magic happens in Dynamic Groups and learning happens easily.

About the facilitator
Robin Clayfield is an International Facilitator, Educator, Social Change Agent, Permaculture Pioneer and Author from Queensland Australia. She brings over 3 decades of Permaculture Facilitation, her cutting edge ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Methodology plus abundant skills, processes, passion and a deep love of group work and caring for people. Her life’s work has included bringing her dynamic educational methods and processes to people all across the planet. Her many offerings include training on Community Governance and Decision Making as well as Dynamic Learning

For more information about the course, please visit Robin's

We commit to delivering to you a diverse and comprehensive, positive educational experience. We ask you to aim to attend the whole course. 

Prerequisites for attendance
None. Being open to learning in a new way, sharing and contributing with a small dose of risk taking.

Dates and timings
Please arrive on Friday afternoon 4th August with enough time to settle in and set up camp if appropriate.
Sessions start each day after morning dance (8:30) at 9:15 hr. and continue on until the evening meal around 18.30pm. There will be evening sessions and also time for socializing, networking, informal learning, singing and general fun. Nearer the time we will send out a group email for you to organise your travel details. 
The course will end after lunch on Thursday the 10th with a celebration.

What to bring 
Clothing suitable for indoors and outdoors (don't forget Shocks if you don't want cold feet at night !(we are located on the mountain 750m )

Shoes for the outdoors and slippers for inside !
Flashlight is absolutely needed.
Notebooks and pens/pencils and a set of coloured markers is necessary!
A good sized USB stick or hard drive to get useful information
Swim wear and Towel 
Warm sleeping bags (for the campers).
Please try to bring with you Organic (chemical-free) cosmetics, shampoos etc.. What is absolutely killing our beautiful friendly helpers is antibacterial products!

Course fee - €450,

Accommodation / Entire Stay
*Guest House €240 (shared room, see pictures!) 
*Camping €180 ( your own equipment)
In the above prices food is included (3 meals/day, organic, local, vegetarian)

Reservation / Bookings 
Tor reserve your spot on the course a non-refundable booking deposit is required of 150 euros until the 15th of July. The final balance can be paid on the spot upon arrival. 
Please contact us at
*Greek Nationals please contact for price.

About Re-Green

Re-Green is an Ecoculture centre and an active permaculture farm based on a mountain countryside in the Peloponnese, Greece, aiming to actively experience the power of Green and Regenerative Living. We are located in the beautiful scenic village of Seliana, in a environment of luscious nature and biodiversity, by the side of a gorge with clean running water, surrounded by green dense forests in the mountains and the view to the blue Korithian Gulf sea.  Its the perfect environment to surrender to new experiences and learnings. 
Our Guesthouse is a renovated stone building 250 yrs old, that consists of 5 rooms. Every room is different, however all of them offer a combination of a traditional essence, coziness and are made with natural local materials, cocomat bedding & private bathrooms. In the farm there are also surrounding facilities including natural built spacious Maloca ‘(shala), natural built Ttemazcal steam house, natural swimming pond, communal hangout comforts, dry toilets and solar showers plus our wonderful animals including Maya the resident donkey. 
We provide homemade traditional and multi-ethnic cuisine with organic products and fresh produce from the farm (veggies and fruits) or other surrounding organic growers. 
Easily accessible, it is 160 km from Athens ( 2.5hrs) in the Northern Peloponnese.
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