Nitrogen Release Chamber

Nitrogen Release Chamber

Urine, Liquid Gold. Think Twice Before Flushing It Away!!!

Urine is a product of our bodies that can help our trees, plants and food crops thrive, saving fertilizer costs and taking a load off our overwhelmed environment. Storing and using Urine‚Äôs Nitrogen, repairs this broken nutrients cycle by putting it to work instead of disposing it. Add the fact that urine is usually free and sterile in healthy populations we have a Golden opportunity.  

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Carrot Bed - Straw Bed and Lasagna Garden

Carrot Bed - Straw Bale / Lasagna Bed

A alternative way to grow carrots when your soil is hard packed clay. Two techniques combined in one bed, the Straw Bale Planting and the Lasagna Gardening (Layering), in order to investigate the best way to grow root plants in hard soil. Beetroots were also thrown in there for companion planting as well as pumpkins for a live mulch to protect the bed from the sun.

Nearby Trip to Mount Helmos

Day off to climb Mount Helmos, visit the waterfall at "Ydata Stygos" and give our precious swores.

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