The Sweat Lodge

A revitalising early morning Sweat Lodge.

The sweat lodge (also called purification ceremony, sweat house, medicine lodge, medicine house, or simply sweat) is 

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Re-Greening Our Land

The soil of the land in front of the guesthouse has been abused, dug and destroyed by the excavations of the archaeologists. With the first Autumn rains we sowed a blend of specific seeds to re-vitalize and re-green our land! Our plans is to create an aesthetic,  productive, with expanded diversity garden to secure autonomy and self sufficiency for us and for our guests!

Naturally Built Dog House

On this small scale project we practiced building using earthbags and a strawberry planted green roof!

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Aisha and Alina are sooooo happy to live in their new home... (we love being in it too!!!)

Mandala Garden

WHAT is a mandala garden? It is actually a concept that is used in Permaculture because of its combination of aesthetics and practicality. In a nutshell, it is a circular garden divided by walk-through paths and keyholes which divide it into segments - like an apple pie that has been cut into equal parts. WHY build a mandala vege garden?

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