Mandala Garden

WHAT is a mandala garden? It is actually a concept that is used in Permaculture because of its combination of aesthetics and practicality. In a nutshell, it is a circular garden divided by walk-through paths and keyholes which divide it into segments - like an apple pie that has been cut into equal parts. WHY build a mandala vege garden?

1. The primary reason I built one is because it is a time saving as well as resource saving design for a vegetable plot. By having the bulk of your vege beds in one large circle, come summer, you only need to put a sprinkler in the centre of the circle and turn on the tap ..... bingo, your veges are watered with no wastage around the edges and it has only taken one minute of your time. 2. Aesthetics: Why have only square and oblong shaped garden beds when a curved shape such as a circle is so pleasant to look at and easy to manoeuvre around with wheel barrows etc.? 3. A mandala garden incorporates several Permaculture practices; (a) keyholes for easy access to plants (b) "no dig" principal to prevent disruption to soil ecology (c) mulching for moisture retention and soil conditioning (your mandala becomes one big worm farm!) (d) planting in different patterns rather than the conventional rows. 4. Rotation cropping, to prevent excessive build up of certain pests in the soil (e.g. nematodes, phytophthora etc.) is made so much easier to plan and put into practice - you only need to rotate your planting regime by one segment each season.
Follow us as we continue building our mandala garden ....