Natural Building

Natural Building was introduced to us through Permaculture and is today one of our main sectors of activities. The abundance of natural local materials and our constant experimentation led today to the manifestation of beautiful, organic, useful, healthy, durable, nature friendly, essential buildings, constructions and installations.
We explored the passive heating of our buildings, the use of different natural materials and techniques, efficient heating stoves, natural air-conditioning, green roofs, natural insulation, earth and lime plastering techniques, natural paints and much more. As you walk around the paths in the garden you can find a fully operational outside kitchen area with rocket stoves and a wood oven, a reciprocal roof, all tadelakt plastered, the earth-bag built dog house, plastered with earth and covered with a green roof, a solar oven, a hand made dehydrator, natural bee hives, a hot tub, our precious Temazcal (steam house) and our spiritual hall “The Maloca” a 100 sq/meters octagon building, all built with local, natural, reused, recycled and healthy materials.
But this was just the beginning … today as the Community of Good Neighbors is slowly growing the challenge of transforming and renovating existing old buildings for new residents is already a part of our Natural Healthy Building life with 5 new homes under way…


Plasters and Paints 2018

Plasters and Paints – Natural Building Course
lime / earth / gypsum / natural paints

Natural Materials for a healthy and durable construction course aimed to discover some of the ancestral techniques to cover walls, floors, ceilings and outdoors. Practices of plastering, stuccos, tadelakt technique and paintings with traditional formulas elaborated by hand exploring LIMEs, GYPSUMs, EARTHs and natural COLORS.

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