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To Drive to Re-Green
To drive to Seliana, which is in Ahaia of Pelloponese, at the highway Korintos-Patras, take exit 19 to Akrata on KM 148. Once you exit the highway, take the first exit on the roundabout (that is turn right) and follow the Old National Road direction Korinthos and Athens. Pass Akrata, enter Egira. At the end of Egira, the road goes over a river. Right after this bridge there is a small church on the left and a big blue sign to “Seliana” pointing to the left. Turn left and follow the road to go under a low bridge (the road you came in on should be above). Drive under another big bridge yield to the left and follow this main road going up the mountain. Pass Lampinou, Eges, Monastiri to reach Seliana. At the end of the village there is a green “Re-Green” sign pointing to the right, also sign to Agios Vasilios. Turn right to this small cement road and “You have reached your destination”. Seliana is 18 Kms from Egira and about 30 minutes driving up the mountain. There is a way to reach Seliana from Derveni and some navigators might direct you through there. However, this way is complicated and we don’t recommend it. Follow the road from Akrata, Egira, Lampinou (Eges), Monastiri, Seliana and look for the small “Re-Green” signs.
To come to Re-Green by Public Transportation
From Athens Airport, We would recommend you to catch the Airport Express Bus X93 that leaves at approx. every 20 minutes from the Airport and go to the Kifisos Intercity Bus Station. At Kifisos catch a bus to Akrata, that leave at less than every hour. The trip from the airport to kifissos is about one hour and from Kifisos to Akrata lasts about 2 hours. Please make sure you get off at Akrata as the bus will continue to Patras. There are no station announcements so you have to ask people around you or the driver. It is common that the driver will forget about you though! The trip is a little less than 2 hours so keep that in mind. Akrata is on kilometer 148 of the highway if you want to keep an eye on that. Once in Akrata you can take a taxi to Seliana for 25 or 30 Euros negotiable with the driver, or we can make arrangements for a pick up.

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There is a new train service from the airport or Athens to Akrata. Please see the schedule below.

Airport→Piraeus→Athens→Kiato→Akrata→Egio Notes
Airport 6.49 9.09 11.49 14.09 16.49
Plakentias 7.03 9.27 12.03 14.27 17.03 Athens Metro
Kifisias 7.07 9.31 12.07 14.31 17.07
Neratziotisa 7.10 9.34 12.10 14.34 17.1 Athens Metro
Metamorfosi 7.13 9.38 12.13 14.38 17.13
Piraeus 9.17 14.17 Athens Metro
Athens 4.39 9.36 14.36 Athens Metro
K.Acharne 9.42 Change train to Kiato 9.44 14.42 Change train to Kiato 14.42
A.Liosia 4.53 7.19 9.51 12.19 14.51 17.19
Korinthos 5.45 8.06 10.39 13.06 15.39 18.06
Kiato In 6.01 8.20 10.55 13.20 15.55 18.2 Change of train
Kiato Out 6.02 8.29 11.05 13.29 16.05 18.29
Akrata 6.34 8.56 11.37 13.56 16.37 18.56
Egio 6.55 9.14 11.58 14.14 16.58 19.14

Once in Akrata you can take a taxi to Seliana for 25 or 30 Euros negotiable with the driver, or we can make arrangements for a pick up.