21 days – Wild Roots Musical-Breath Journey with Amit Carmeli

If you wish to deepen your connection with your wild and fearless Nature, with yourself, your life, your reality, your relations and your music.

For experienced students only – prerequisite: weekend journey

Opening ceremony: August 3rd
Closing ceremony August 23rd
Gathering on the 2nd/3rd of August!

5 and 7 hours per day, plus 2-3 private sessions along the retreat.

All prices are including:
21 days of accommodation and meals (3 and the WildRoots journey (+2 to 3 private meetings} :

Shared Room: 2800€
Your own Tent: 2500€

The prices for the experienced ones (those of you who already did a 21 days), are:
Shared Room: 2550€
Your own Tent: 2250€

Early birds (till 20th of February):
Shared Room: 2650€
Your Own Tent: 2350€

It is possible to come earlier and stay after for an additional 50€/night.

The retreat will take place at
A beautiful resort in the mountains of the Peloponnese.
All food is grown on the land.

For more information and registration, please contact:
Tabea or Amit at:


The Wild Roots is a journey for freedom and for the pure healing that comes with it.
LOVE & TRUST flowing through your voice are like a river of sweet water in the middle of the vast desert- your body-your whole being. Your community has no requests or demands from you but only your honest and truthful being! Your true Nature is breathing you and it is music! A living music. Not a pop song but actually a very powerful song is being sung through you everyday the whole day and as long as you are alive! The healing potential is endless once “using” your voice and breath. After all these years of sharing with so many of you…I am so happy that we have this opportunity and privilege to explore in a deeper way our true connection to life and planet.

This journey is the annual meeting of The Music School of Life and Love which I started in 2001.
It is indeed a music school of presence, love, sexuality, community, communication, truth, freedom.
We are so needed by our communities and families, by our planet but what is it that is so needed?!
My dear Brother, My dear sister:
I wish to strengthen your trust in You. Your true nature.That is all that is needed.
Trust so we can all love innocently, freely and truthfully again.
When we walk trustfully in our bodies, we hear differently, we feel differently and we act differently.

What does it mean to be free?
What does it mean “we are all One”?
What does it mean that it is All a dance of Vibrations?
What does it mean to be harmonious and yet truthful in modern society, with our partners, with our families and the reality of our life?

Breathing life together can create a radical change in life.
The solutions being offered to us when we are connected to the One living source of life, silently, Together, are just amazingly simple.
As they say
It is all under your nous;)

In a prayer for better life and healthy planet, for healthy & loving relationships with all and with the Whole.

The word Health in Hebrew is Bari בריא which means also ‘’Created”.
When we greet each other for health, we are actually wish each other to be the way we were created!
The Wild Roots experience is designed to remind us all, in a very active and real way, that we are healthy and full of love. This love is pure music that wants to burst out of us through our voices, to open all our bodies and eventually to be given to all that is around us.

The retreat will take place at:
A beautiful resort in the mountains of the Peloponnese.
All food is grown on the land and prepared by an amazing cook. There is a spring of fresh water just nearby. Fresh clear water are running through the whole village. Waterfalls and beautiful nature.
I couldn’t ask for more – a little heaven for our nourishment and successful journey!

Looking forward to meeting and sharing with you all.

All is For no Less Than the Best.

VoicEssence Retreat

VoicEssence Retreat in Nature, including Opening Ceremony with Laor Oman-Naharin & Spirit Contact Dance with Apostolia Papadamaki

Dearest friends, we are very happy to invite you to a unique retreat where we can weave the conditions to meet our innermost and authentic self and find the place inside us where pure love rules. Our 3day journey is meant to remove any obstacle that is holding us back and open our hearts. Bring your dreams and prayers…
We will dive in VoicEssence, a Vocal-Breath Journey led by Laor, freeing our true essence and becoming music. On the second evening, we will end the day in a blissful atmosphere of a Ceremonial Concert with Laor allowing her music to penetrate our cells and pour magic. Guest teacher Apostolia will lead the Spirit Contact Dance inviting movement to the journey and releasing the infinite possibilities of expression.

This journey will take place in the stunning nature of the mountains with the dense fir forests and crystal running waters, at the Blossoming Gardens of Re-Green Permaculture Farm where we connect all the dots to create a harmonious and peaceful living on Earth!

What is included:
*Ceremonial Concert
*Spirit Contact Dance
*Permaculture Life in Nature

More information about VoicEssence with Laor


What is VoicEssence?
Music is a state of freedom. It happens once we let go of ideas and wishes and simply let life flow through us naturally and harmonically. When riding the wave of our breath and experience that trance, we become our natural voice, the singer, the song and the great mystery…we become music!

VoicEssence is a Vocal-Breath journey where profound life-changing experiences occur. People are able to meet their deepest essence, life force, and creativity through breath, sound, and movement. It is a space where pure love rules, harmony is in action and magic happens. Within a safe, playful and inspiring environment, Laor provides guidance through special breathing techniques, free movement, wild vocal expressions, and improvisations. She shares her healing songs and co-creates new music rising at the moment with the group.

VoicEssence is a journey of the heart. Singing our true nature individually and as a circle, a community, a tribe, helping each other to be present by witnessing each other’s natural state and sound.

What to expect?
VoicEssence will transform your connection with yourself and your life. You will nurture self-love and compassion. You will feel divine music flowing. You will release negative patterns and pains, making space for new visions and manifestations. You will remember your cells, innermost self and the joy of being alive!

About Laor
Musician | Medicine woman | Vocal artist | Lover of life.
Laor Oman-Naharin has been researching the powers of the human voice for over 15 years. She leads sacred circles, concerts, and ceremonial concerts worldwide. Her abilities and skills culminate in her unique, magical VoicEssence Vocal-breath journey workshops.

Laor’s songs such as Agradeco, Barechu, Ana Elech, Hymn to the Soul and others are known and sung with love in many circles around the globe. Gathering with Laor is a unique, awakening, inspiring and one of a kind experience that touches the depth of our souls and being; Laor has a one of a kind quality to make people feel at home, safe and to dive deep into their souls and heal their lives and hearts.

Laor’s passion is inspiring people to sing, pray, breath and love like never before!
For more info:
Spirit Contact-Dance with guest teacher Apostolia

We are dancing creatures, we are singing creatures we are creative beings.
We have a wild flame of life force inside of us and the ability to connect with the highest frequency of all, Love.

Spirit Contact Dance invites us to peel off our conditioning and recall our authenticity entering a space of true presence of the Spirit moving, breathing and voicing through us, as an offer of gratitude to the great mystery we call life.

We use movement, breath, rhythm, pulse, sentient motion, sound, and voice to create a heartfelt space where mind forms and borders are not leaders anymore, where freedom of expression is unconditional.

We awaken our wilderness by aligning ourselves with the rhythms and the elements of nature, we remember our birthright to create alchemy and we transform our “limitations” to infinite possibilities. Happy to be seen, to be heard, to be appreciated, to belong we harmonize body, mind, and soul so we can embody our true loving nature and become the best human we can be.

Spirit Contact Dance is experienced indoors or outdoors, on the land, in the water, in a forest, a field, a waterfall. It is always connected with the wisdom and qualities of Nature so we can learn how to navigate through life with grace, embrace our true nature and take our gifts out into the world.

About Apostolia Papadamaki
Apostolia is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, a spiritual artist, and a transformational teacher. A master of Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation and Alexander Technique, a lover of Yoga and healing arts, Apostolia combines in her teachings creative movement, breathwork, shamanism, rhythm, and voice, guiding people to unleash their creativity and believe in infinite possibilities.

Her highest intention is to keep opening the eyes of the soul using the body as a temple so we can tune in to the frequency of Love, and weave our pathway to a happy and fulfilled life.
Registration and Bookings

Participation Cost 440 € per person (VAT not included 13%)

*Ceremonial Concert
*3 voice essence workshops
*2 spirit contact dance classes
*3 nights / 4 days stay at Re-Green in shared rooms
*All vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner ) from the garden to our table, local & organic
and much more…

To register please contact us at

Once you register more detailed information will be sent to you about programming, transportation, and preparation.

If you would like to see more details about the venue please visit

For anything further don’t hesitate to contact us.
warm regards from the mountains of Greece