Herbs and Medicines

Nature is the ultimate Teacher, our Mother and The Healer. It’s a system that holds all the answers and all the information we need to live a good healthy life. Re-Green’s need to feel safe, to take responsibility of our own health and the fact that we live isolated from the doctors and the hospitals, lead us to turn to nature with the intention to learn how She could help us. Through detailed observation, through books and research, and with the invaluable wisdom of our teacher Maria Skarli we managed to completely ban chemical treatments from our life and today we are proud to have a very thorough collection of natural medicines and home made products. We enjoy a herbal life and a herbal home.
Seasonal harvests, healing remedies (syrups, herbal tinctures, herbal oils, bee wax creams, sun screens, creams and more), home made cosmetics, earth friendly natural cleaning products and children friendly remedies is some of the things we make for us, for our community and our guests.


Yoga, The Permaculture of Zone 0

One of the challenges of the life here at Re-Green is not to lose ourselves in the numerous, different tasks and levels of an autonomous life. Everyday necessary tasks like cooking, caring for the living beings of the farm, gardening, harvesting, building, hosting, chopping wood, running courses … and actively being out in the countryside until the sun sets, all this external practices may occupy completely the time one may allocate to look internally and care for his own wellbeing. In the beginning of the project there have been quite some times of physical exhaustion and symptoms of neglection of the body, the mind and the spirit.
Yoga came to counter balance the excesses of overworking and to offer as we say the “internal permaculture”. Caring for the earth begins with caring and nurturing oneself. Building awareness of where the body holds tension, practicing to release and connect to our internal infinite beauty became a fully appreciated everyday medicine. Awakening early in the morning to reach for the sun or restoring ourselves in the quietness of the dusk’s twilight oh yes…brought bliss, harmony, relief, centering and so much gratitude.
The resident Yoga teacher of Re-Green is Amber. She keeps the whole team in shape, uniting us in the everyday circle of Yoga, offering selfless service and walking her talk, tuning us to bring the sun or the moon out on the vast skies of our mountains. Amber speaks the language of the nature through her devoted practice of Yoga.


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