the re-green circle

Mill Millichap
"the elder"
Christos Alexiou
natural builder, director, "the fixer"
Christos is the father of Re-Green and today one of the directors and a member of the Re-Green circle. Together with his partner Flery he moved to Seliana in 2011 for a life changing experience. He grew up in the city of Athens, studied as an electrical engineer and computer science and got his Masters in Computer engineering in the US. He worked in the telecommunications sector for a decade, then as a data engineer in an international Formula3 race team. At this point together with Flery they decided to move out of the big city and reconnect with nature. The combination of permaculture and engineering led Christos to find his new passion, natural building. Having built his first little brick and wood house at the age of 10, it did not take him long to get involved, learn and apply the techniques of bio-construction, passive solar house and natural/low-energy materials, to start building and renovating old and new structures. He is now a consultant and coordinator of the new structures in the the emerging community of good neighbours, a coordinator of the volunteering program and a key member in the decision making of Re-Green.
Flery Fotiadou
natural & herbal medicine, gardener, "la curandera"
I am the mother of Re-Green and today a member of the Re-Green circle. I always found peace in Nature, and I am deeply thankful for my family to have offered me nature so abundantly in my childhood. However until the end of 2010, I lived the fast life of a marketing career where stressful, angry and confused days outweighed the relaxed, joyful and happy ones. My time in the city of Athens served its purposes for sure and I am grateful for it as it brought me two major gifts. Christos my partner in life and an autoimmune disease, the voice of my inner self. With Christos I found my man, a man to hold the space for me to conquer my dreams, to live close to Nature and to Heal myself. The autoimmune became my friend, the gate to the wisdom and a compass. When we moved to our new home at Seliana many unnecessary layers were washed away and other qualities emerged. Health and vitality came back! During the transition period from city to nature, I opened myself to the awakening of the abilities of self-healing, having rejected western medicine approaches and prescriptions. I got attracted to and studied the philosophies and healing systems of Ancient Greek Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, South American Shamanic Healing, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Apis-therapy, while I was also treated by these methods and philosophies. Knowing nothing about how to care for the land, led me also to study natural methods of growing food and regeneration of the Earth inspired by Biodynamic & Homeodynamic Agriculture, Fukuoka Natural Farming, Organic Farming and have attended until now two Full Permaculture Design Courses. Caring for myself to regain my health while caring for the land is where everything came together into a beautiful whole. The Earth held us with so much love and acceptance and revealed the other side of life where you can't stop giving thanks for this blessing everyday. Finally Re-Green was born, a peaceful messenger of spreading the seed of Re-Generation.