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Re-Green is an ecoculture center based on a mountain countryside, aiming to actively experience the power of Green living. We are convinced that the world’s problems, the economic crisis, the diseases, the climate change, the pollution etc can be solved by Re-Greening our lives. Re-Green stands for everything… re-use and re-cycle things, reduce waste, refuse in the first place, repair, re-think our actions, re-write the rules, re-view, re-model, re-design, re-invent LifeRe-Green means to take responsibility and to simplify. Re-Green is Permaculture, Sustainable Living, Energy Saving, Self-Sufficiency, Nutrition with Real Food.

Re-Green extends to Meditation, Elevation, Compassion and Love to all the Creation.

It is a project of two people who consciously abandoned the hectic city life and moved to the countryside with the aim to build a life of trust, love and care for the Earth. The project is about a never ending design of a Sustainable and Regenerative model of living following the principles of Permaculture. It’s about Balance within the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Locally grown healthy food, nature friendly structures, traditional remedies and ancient models of healing, fresh air, active work with the body, mindfulness and open hearts.

We believe that the transition to Re-Green is about self responsibility, but it is as critical to involve the energy and contribution of other people too. This is why we are also creating a welcoming home for people who share the same ideas with us, so that we all can change together and multiply the effect of this transition with awareness around!

Follow us as we take each step in our path of transformation and let’s explore together the art of learning and sharing in the supportive community of Re-Green.

re-think, re-use, refuse, re-cycle, re-invent …. re-green


Permaculture Design Course

Re-Green Eco Culture Center, Greece
11th – 26th May 2024
Led By Rod Everett, Mill Millichamp,
Steven Verhelst + more

The Fungi Regeneration Lab

Watch The Fungi Regeneration Lab project video NOW!
Our first Erasmus+-funded programme explored the potential of fungi to foster resilient communities and ecosystems, blending theoretical learning, practical workshops, community building and the creation of a video e-series.
We would like to thank the Cultural Association of Seliána, the State Scholarships Foundation, and Erasmus+ for making this project possible, as well as our partners, organizers and facilitators Mycorama, Agentur für Innovation & Entrepreneurship , Dr Nikolaos Gryspolakis, Tina Pedi, Seyfried Guenter, Kristin Weissenberger and all our fantastic participants from 9 countries who contributed to the project and continue to implement the learnings in their communities.
Visit the TFRL landing page to read more about project learnings and stories and watch the mini e-series
Video by Petros Ioannidis
IG: petrosproductions
Presented by project lead Emily Antoniadi.
This project is funded by Erasmus+.

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Re-Green's Crowd Funding Event that today provides our guests and residents with even more healthy organic nutritional tasty food. A big thank you to all those beautiful people that made this dream come true.
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Happy Christmas ❄️☃️ Good morning World! what a blessing. 2 days of endless snowing, no internet, no electricity, no phones just the soft sound of snowflakes creating a new reality. Peace and love to all the creation.

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