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Re-Green accepts volunteers most of the year, winter being the quietest season in regards to the helpers that are hosted.

Please visit helpx.net or workaway.info for hosting opportunities with us.

The helpers are involved in the following activities: ​​Permaculture systems maintenance and monitoring, Natural Building and General Construction, Maintenance of nursery and plants, Gardening and landscaping, Maintenance of vegetable garden and plantations, Carpentry and Art, Collection of Fruits and Production of jams and general conserves, Collection and drying of Herbs, Natural soaps and disinfectants making, Composters and wormeries maintenance, Feeding of livestock (chicken, ducks and our Donkey), Guidance and oversight of visits, workshops and courses, Administration,Social media and communication (creation of images, videos and documentation)​.

The responsibilities in Re-Green would be to help with the everyday tasks, that include the garden, the animals, the guest house, the seminars/workshops that we host, our natural building construction projects and the maintenance of the place. Tasks are obviously shared between all of us living in Re-Green. Usually it will be Flery and Christos, Amber​ ​our resident Yoga teacher ​and 4​ to 6​ helpers. Most of the working day​ will be out in the garden​,​ however​ a​ll volunteers, residents and visitors of Re-Green contribute to ​the ​maintenance and cleaning, in addition to their daily activities. Every Friday morning everyone works together to clean the whole site and prepare Re-Green for the weekend event. ​

Most of the weekends we host workshops and we schedule a rotational plan between us to help the​ chef in the​​ ​kitchen and do the daily cleaning and maintenance of the “hangout”.

Helpers are accommodated in a independent house next to the farm, sharing the house with us and other helpers, or in our beautiful and cosi camper-van that is parked around the garden, or finally if the place gets too packed and weather permits in our camping site in big tents that we provide with mattresses pillows and sheets. Hot water shower and toilets are available for all. There are toilet and laundry facilities, fridge, electricity and healthy natural water.

Our food is mostly high quality vegetarian from our garden or nearby farms. We usually prepare the meals, breakfast lunch and dinner and eat altogether but you are more than welcome to cook if you want to. Cleaning after yourself and your house is as you can understand required.

The working plan is ​9:00 am to 12:30 pm, lunch break and then an evening session from 1:30pm to 4:30pm OR 5pm to 8pm if it is too hot to be outside midday, with a coffee/tea break in-between, Tuesday to Sunday. We have Mondays off and if the weather is hot we go to the beach or you can hike around our mountains if you want. The daylight is long here especially in the summer so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the place. We will not overwork you don’t worry, we are easy going. While you are here you will be able to partly follow any seminars that take place if you are interested and can be arranged with the hosts.

You do not have to bring anything special apart from your high spirit, comfortable old clothes for working and gloves if you can and don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat during the summer. Shoes are not allowed in the house; if you like, you can bring thick socks or slippers for use indoors. You will not be asked to pay for your food or stay in re-green and probably anything else. If you would like to join us when we eat out at the local Taverna or at the beach we will ask that you contribute your part of the charge, usually 10 euros per person, otherwise there is always food at Re-Green. We do go to the marker at least once a week. Internet is provided and is free. There is train and bus connection from the Airport to Akrata the nearest big Village where we will pick you up.