permaculture @ re-green

agriculture/natural building/herbs&medicines/yoga/healing

We really don’t like the potential of limitation when we need to use terminology to describe life changing events. We also try not to be dogmatic. Observation, new realizations, adaptations, re-designing, and of course mistakes are part of the game. Our intention is to be able to learn how to live harmoniously with the Earth and Spirit.

Unfortunately the disconnection of the modern human from nature is such that lets face it! We need a “manual” of how to stir a flowing happy and healthy life as an integral part of Nature. Through the path of Permaculture we get the motivation and inspiration to change our lives.

Coming from the fields of computer engineering and marketing with complete ignorance in this life style not knowing where to begin, we found in Permaculture a good point of start, the first steps leading to an advanced design for the future! Permaculture is the perfect package for modern man to be able to re-construct his life from scratch and the perfect content of education for children of today. It brings in all the components of the ecosystem, all the knowledge, the ancestral and the technological wisdom, the elements of the sun, the wind, the water and the earth, all the practical principles and spiritual ethics, all wrapped up empowering us to make a holistic approach to sustainable and regenerative living.

In 2011 was the turning point in our life when we attended the first ever Permacutlure Design Course (PDC) to be held in Greece. Ever since our life changed miraculously so we decided to honour this process and invite annually our precious teachers back to Greece to offer this invaluable knowledge of a hands on system!

In 2017 we felt we had accomplished the plan of 2011 and we organized our second PDC to design our dreams in Seliana, not only for the next era of Re-Green but also for the Community of Good Neighbours that had emerged meanwhile with new people who decided to make their home around Re-Green.

This process is dynamic and regenerative and the more we surrender to nature the more we understand that Re-Green is becoming an entity of its own, and we believe it will continue to flourish like a balanced ecosystem even after we are gone…