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Re-Greenhouse Crowd Funding

Re-Green’s Crowd Funding Event that today provides our guests and residents with even more healthy organic nutritional tasty food. A big thank you to all those beautiful people that made […]

Herbs and Medicines

Nature is the ultimate Teacher, our Mother and The Healer. It’s a system that holds all the answers and all the information we need to live a good healthy life. […]

iris … like a rainbow

Iris unguicularis ssp cretensis, a winter flower The name of this plant comes from the rainbow. Such are the colours of this flower and is various species. it’s a perennial […]

thank you Greece Is

Oh Sweet Greece. So beautiful, so colorful, so blue and gold, so nurturing, so diverse, lovely, blessed, wild and sweet, so big though so small! Thank you Greece Is. It’s […]

chimonanthus… winter sweet!

Guess what? This folk is called Chimonanthus. It’s a Greek word meaning the flower of winter.(χειμωνανθος) It’s also called winter sweet and the name says it all. In the winter […]

permaculture @ re-green

agriculture/natural building/herbs&medicines/yoga/healing We really don’t like the potential of limitation when we need to use terminology to describe life changing events. We also try not to be dogmatic. Observation, new […]

Natural Building

Natural Building was introduced to us through Permaculture and is today one of our main sectors of activities. The abundance of natural local materials and our constant experimentation led today […]


Yoga, The Permaculture of Zone 0 One of the challenges of the life here at Re-Green is not to lose ourselves in the numerous, different tasks and levels of an […]