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Re-Green is an ecoculture center based on a mountain countryside, aiming to actively experience the power of Green living. We are convinced that the world’s problems, the economic crisis, the diseases, the climate change, the pollution etc can be solved by Re-Greening our lives. Re-Green stands for everything… re-use and re-cycle things, reduce waste, refuse in the first place, repair, re-think our actions, re-write the rules, re-view, re-model, re-design, re-invent LifeRe-Green means to take responsibility and to simplify. Re-Green is Permaculture, Sustainable Living, Energy Saving, Self-Sufficiency, Nutrition with Real Food.

Re-Green extends to Meditation, Elevation, Compassion and Love to all the Creation.

It is a project of two people who consciously abandoned the hectic city life and moved to the countryside with the aim to build a life of trust, love and care for the Earth. The project is about a never ending design of a Sustainable and Regenerative model of living following the principles of Permaculture. It’s about Balance within the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Locally grown healthy food, nature friendly structures, traditional remedies and ancient models of healing, fresh air, active work with the body, mindfulness and open hearts.

We believe that the transition to Re-Green is about self responsibility, but it is as critical to involve the energy and contribution of other people too. This is why we are also creating a welcoming home for people who share the same ideas with us, so that we all can change together and multiply the effect of this transition with awareness around!

Follow us as we take each step in our path of transformation and let’s explore together the art of learning and sharing in the supportive community of Re-Green.

re-think, re-use, refuse, re-cycle, re-invent …. re-green

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Certified 15 Day Permaculture Design Course

June 25 – July 11, 2020

Our certified course covers an understanding of the ethics & principles behind Permaculture Design. Enabling us to apply them in achieving a sustainable design answer for human activities. By demand we have added an extra 3 hands on active days to the curriculum. From Backyard Gardens, Natural Building, Energy Systems, Biodynamic Food Production & much more! Suitable for all wanting to dive deeper into a regenerative natural and self reliant lifestyle. Led by Dr. Rod Everett, assisted by Mill Millichap and guest greek facilitator Marios Desyllas. The one guaranteed outcome is that it will be FUN!

Please click on the right to read more about this event.

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21 days - Wild Roots Musical-Breath Journey with Amit Carmeli

If you wish to deepen your connection with your wild and fearless Nature, with yourself, your life, your reality, your relations and your music. For experienced students only - prerequisite: weekend journey Opening ceremony: August 3rd Closing…

PDC Plus - Certified Permaculture Design Course 2020

Certified Permaculture Design Course Extended to 15 Days with Extra Active Days Our certified course covers an understanding of the ethics & principles behind Permaculture Design. Enabling us to apply them in achieving a sustainable…

Δι-‘Ανοιξις/ για το Σώμα, τον Νου, την Ψυχή

Δείτε αναλυτικά το πρόγραμμα του retreat εδώ: «Διάνοιξις. Ετυμολογείται από το διά και την Άνοιξη. Σημαίνει να δημιουργώ κάποιο…

VoicEssence Retreat

VoicEssence Retreat in Nature, including Opening Ceremony with Laor Oman-Naharin & Spirit Contact Dance with Apostolia Papadamaki Dearest friends, we are very happy to invite you to a unique retreat where we can weave the conditions to…

Song of the Dancing Heart

Ανοιξιάτικο Happiness Retreat για γυναίκες με την Apostolia Papadamaki και την Maria Papageorgiou 3 μέρες -2 νύχτες ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ For English please scroll down…

Blossom - 5 Rhythms, Yoga & Tai Chi

Αλλάζουμε εποχή και ανοίγουμε μέσω της εσωτερικής και εξωτερικής κίνησης του σώματος. Εκφραζόμαστε με ήχους και ρυθμούς. Ερχόμαστε…

Τριήμερος θεατρικός μαραθώνιος για νέους συγγραφείς

Mαραθώνιος θεατρικής γραφής με τη συγγραφέα Αμάντα Μιχαλοπούλου και τον δάσκαλο Iyengar Yoga και ηθοποιό Αντώνης Φραγκάκης (ηθοποιός) Ο…

Luminous Yoga Retreat - Yoga & Meridians

Mε την Έλενα Σπυροπούλου For a a short description of the retreat in English please scroll down and don't hesitate to ask for details Σε αυτό το retreat ελάτε να ανακαλύψουμε μια νέα προσέγγιση…

1, 2 Let's Go Play NYE @ Re-Green

1..2.. Lets Go Play! Drum Circle//Yoga//Dj//Dance NYE@Re-Green 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2019– 2 Ιανουαρίου 2020 Αυτή τη Πρωτοχρονιά θα αποχαιρετήσουμε το 2019 με τυμπανοκρουσίες,…

Welcoming Change

"Καλωσοριζοντας την αλλαγη" Σας προσκαλούμε σε ενα διημερο ευεξίας και αυτογνωσιας στην όμορφη Σελιανα στις 29 Νοεμβριου με θεμα μας…

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Re-Green's Crowd Funding Event that today provides our guests and residents with even more healthy organic nutritional tasty food. A big thank you to all those beautiful people that made this dream come true.
Iris unguicularis ssp cretensis, a winter flower The name of this plant comes from the rainbow. Such are the colours of this flower and is various species. it's a perennial aromatic and medicinal plant with large blue-violet flowers containing…
Kalamari, extra terrestrials or... Amazing succulents!!!
Oh Sweet Greece. So beautiful, so colorful, so blue and gold, so nurturing, so diverse, lovely, blessed, wild and sweet, so big though so small! Thank you Greece Is. It's an honor to be featured in your latest edition. This Saturday - Sunday…
Guess what? This folk is called Chimonanthus. It's a Greek word meaning the flower of winter.(χειμωνανθος) It's also called winter sweet and the name says it all. In the winter landscape where you hardly see any flowers, this beautiful…
Happy Christmas ❄️☃️ Good morning World! what a blessing. 2 days of endless snowing, no internet, no electricity, no phones just the soft sound of snowflakes creating a new reality. Peace and love to all the creation.

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