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we are now crowdfunding for a Keder greenhouse

“our intention is to collaborate with you in order to offer our visitors, all year round, home grown organic healthy nutritional tasty food”

Why a greenhouse?

It is nowadays becoming more well known and all different nutritional approaches agree that “every meal that we eat should consist of at least 2/3 of vegetables”. The importance of this fact has been incorporated in our kitchen in order to provide our guests and residents the best possible nutrition. This fact however, creates the necessity for re-green to grow “7 tons of vegetables a year” a number that could not be achieved until today due to the small spring-summer season. In order to achieve our veggie growth quantities, the cultivation of greens during the cold season must be increased and the only way that this can be achieved is by a good size green house.

2018 Re-Green’s Needs Estimate

  • veggies 7000 kgs
  • fruits 2000 kgs
  • legumes 600 Kgs
  • preserves 500 Kgs

What is a Keder?

This versatile Keder greenhouse that we are crowdfunding for, with its “Twin Skinned” UV resistant plastic covering, is guaranteed for 20 years and has many benefits that fit with our strategy of being self-supportive in our vegetable food production. This cost effective alternative to traditional glasshouses is not only safer, but long lasting, while it is also stronger and more durable than poly-tunnels. Keder structures provide fully diffused light, no shadowing, and strength which can withstand the winds, the annual heavy falls of snow, and the high summer temperatures of our mountain location while the he long life sectional plastic covering makes possible the minimizing of plastic use over the life of the greenhouse. Having carefully done our research we have concluded that amongst the greenhouses in the market the “Keder” suits our situation and needs better than any other.

Those of you familiar with Re-Green, our educational program, sustainable lifestyles, the attention that we pay to nutrition and our aim for a “zero kilometer kitchen” will understand the importance of the year-round availability of greens and salads to our many seminar participants and our permanent community. The seeding and production of our own organic plants for all our seasonal food will be greatly enabled by a good greenhouse.

We truly hope that you will support our crowd funding efforts with your generosity. We have managed to get a special discount price of 8500 Euros that we are trying to raise and assure you that we will greatly value all donations.

Please watch the video in this page for more information.

At this time our Indiegogo crowdfunding period has come to an end with an amazing success of 5568 USD and a 65% of our goal ( ). If you would like to be part of this beautiful dream and contribute to further reach our purpose please click the button below to contact us directly.

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