To come to Re-Green from Athens Airport, you can either use train or bus service.
To reach us by bus you will have to catch the Airport Express Bus X93 that leaves at approx. every 20 minutes from the Airport and go to the Kiffisos Intercity Bus Station. If you are in Athens center, there are different buses to Kiffisos intercity bus station, depending on where you are. At Kifisos catch a bus to Akrata, that leave at less than every hour,first one at 6:00 am and last one at 23:00. The bus schedule is here:
The trip from the Athens airport to kifissos is about one hour and from Kifisos to Akrata lasts about 2 hours. Please make sure you get off at Akrata as the bus will move on to Patras. There are no station announcements so you have to ask people around you or the driver. It is common that the driver will forget about you though! The trip is a little less than 2 hours so keep that in mind. Akrata is on kilometer 148 of the highway if you want to keep an eye on that.
There is also a less frequent train service from the airport or Athens to Akrata. The train trip is: Airport – Kato Acharne – Athens – Kiato – Akrata and it takes around 2,5 hours in total.
Please see the train schedule in the link below.  (click EN for English on the top left)

We would have to know once you depart from Athens about your arrival time so  that we can plan to be at Akrata on time. My mobile is +30 6936457539 and Flery’s +30 6948407233 if you want to text us or send us an email as you wish.