The Garden

We like to think of our land as a Garden. The peace and harmony of a fruitful Garden with the colors, the scents, the sounds, the yield, the taste, the waters running through…
The 6000 sq.meter land came into Re-Greens care in 2008, being naked with minimal diversity. The sad, abandoned and thirsty monoculture of pears in the previously pesticided and chemically fertilized land is today a living paradise on Earth. Wild nature is mixed with an orchard of a big variety of fruit trees, nut trees, climbers like vines and kiwis, herbs and berries, vegetables and flowers, nitrogen fixing bushes and trees, insect attracting plants and structures, ground cover and green manure. Each plant is chosen for the roles that it will play in this balanced ecosystem, whether for food, wildlife habitat, soil building, fertility improvement and much more. We like to think of it as our Garden of Eden, or as we were introduced to by permaculture, an Edible Forest Garden. How cool is THAT!

As we expose ourselves to the Permaculture, Homeodynamic and Biodynamic practices, experience comes along and different techniques and experiments are applied. Making Compost and Building Soil is today one of our main goals, trying constantly to nourish the land, give back, observe and interact.

We follow, a Fukuoka rehabilitation plan for the land of the archaeological excavations building soil back, we introduced a few animals and constantly try to nourish the land, give back, observe and interact.