Creatively use and respond to change

Dear All

The time has come to announce our news as a result of the changes that have occurred in the whole planet and the imposed regulations due to the pandemia situation.

Our retreat eco-center Re-Green found itself in the unexpected position of not being able to run retreats anymore, as by default we would be breaking the law hosting groups of more than 7 people (as many that is, as the number of our rooms).

Our pronounced shared accommodation in our Mountain Guesthouse for the last 8 years is not anymore part of our services at least for the Autumn – Winter season of 2020. We take this opportunity to thank you all for being part in those gatherings with your presence and joy, with your openness to share your precious time with us, to share rooms, to share big long dining tables, yoging, dancing and singing all together in our beautiful Maloca, or sweating out our toxins and burdens in our handmade Temazcal packed together among the steams. Oh it was a blast!

Being Permaculturists here at Re-Green, we’ve learned to welcome change and see crisis as an opportunity, as we believe that everything is happening for our own good. For She – Nature – knows ..

The lockdown of last spring itself, became the trigger to see our project with different eyes. In the silent times of the lockdown, we had the opportunity to experience a sensation of unique freedom and deep gratitude for what we have.

Flower by flower, tree by tree, garden by garden we realized the gift of JUST living with the Earth in peace, with no fear, no limitation, no worry.

Out in the wild, out in the garden, out in the trails, under the pouring waters of the waterfall, by the lake, mixed with the soil gardening, by the table eating what we’ve seeded and grown with our own hands…

oh what a life…

In that moment we felt that we need no more… we are living in Paradise on Earth in the middle of a horror movie called Pandemia.

We looked around in awe of what we have created together with and because of the loving support of this land . There is no way this spot on earth cannot be of service on these particular times we live in.

And there it was!

Without the need to wear a mask or gloves and the possibility to be out enjoying the transcendence of seasons and aaaaaall the details of every moment unveiling in front of our eyes, there it was!

This is what we can offer you given of course you are able to travel our way…