If all these resonates with you … We have a proposal

For the running season and up to Christmas for now, we will be offering our center to individuals who look for a peaceful residency on the mountains.

We will be offering our rooms for rent and the use of our communal kitchen facility to those looking for :

  • Disconnection from the city life and current situation of the pandemia
  • Space and time
  • Silence
  • Re-Connection with the self
  • Blending with Nature
  • Eating healthy organic delicious food
  • Opportunity for deepening Personal Practice
  • An experiential opportunity to be part of a Permaculture Farm life

Re-Green Permaculture Sanctuary, is a space in which we have chosen to change the rhythms to a different mode, where we choose to creatively co-exist with Mother Nature. Not to take but to give, not to force but to flow, not to use but to integrate, not to spoil but to share.

Everybody is welcome to join, not us but Her, Mother Nature and to Re-Learn where we belong in peace.

Sanctuary is not a Hotel where you are served but a place in which you serve…