Design your personal retreat


Whether you have a personal practice like yoga, meditation, need for silence or need to fast and find pause or even if you are a writer or a composer or just someone looking to find a peaceful long enough break, our permaculture sanctuary will support you fully.

It’s up to you to decide if you would like to take the opportunity and join us further in our farm life. There is always lots to do like feeding the animals, prepare veggie beds, plant and harvest or even participate in ongoing natural building projects.

You could also join us in our community gatherings with yoga classes or drum circles or temazcal steaming room. (upon a contribution).

Options to tailor make your own retreat are possible too and we are happy to assist you in designing a program of activities that would meet your needs. Within our Re-Green Circle and Community of Good Neighbours you can find skills and offerings that include one to one sessions of Yoga, traditional drums, herbal medicine, gardening, therapeutic massage, guided walks, Alexander technique consultancy, meditation, dharma talks, permaculture workshops, natural building and more.

If you are looking for isolation and silence, food could be optionally brought to your door.

You could also find organic natural products varying from personal care products (creams, natural soaps and shampoos, toothpaste etc) to a big variety of medicinal tinctures, beeswax creams, herbs and oils.

A local delis grocery store (organic grains and products, legumes, nuts, veggies, dairies and more … )

Laundry opportunities nearby